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January 1976

Foundation of Daitoh Spinning by Shozo Fujimura in Kamagaya, Chiba.

May 1980

Change in its organization into Daitoh Spinning Co.Ltd with capital of 1 million yen and appointment of Shozo Fujimura as president.

March 1985

Relocation of headquarter to Yokogawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo.

May 1986

Increase of capital to 9 million yen.

November 1987

General agency contract of spinning machines with Nihon Spindle Seizo Co.Ltd.
Establishment of Osaka Sales office .

May 1988

Increase of capital to 18.9 million yen.
Establishment of Fukushima Factory.

April 1995 Financial affiliation with Nihon Spindle Seizo Co.Ltd.
Increase of capital to 23 million yen.
May 1997 Establishment of Thailand Factory.
Octover 1998

Relocation of headquarter to Oizumi,Gunma-Pref.

November 2005 Relocation of headquarter to Nakano,Oura-Machi,Oura-Gun,Gunma-Pref.
May 2011

Establishment of a merger company in Shanghai, China.

Current 2017 Currently, capital alliance with Japan Spindle Manufacturing (Co Ltd) has been cancelled.
The plant in Thailand only has an office.
Shanghai liaison company, Osaka sales office and Tokyo sales offices are closed.


【Head Office・Test Factory】 738-5,Nakano,Oura-Machi,Oura-Gun,Gunma-Pref. JAPAN  TEL.+81 276-70-2350 FAX +81 276-88-8656

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